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58 South Molton Street

I have trained in a number of therapies but would always say that reflexology was my first love as it is reflexology that has taken me on the longest and most fruitful journey not only with fertility and working with children which has been my main career but also achieving wonderful results with a variety of common as well as more unusual conditions.
£80 for 45 minute treatment.
Fertility Reflexology
Working for over 20 years with Renee Tanner as my mentor has meant that I have been extremely honored to learn under the expert guidance of a most amazing reflexologist. I have had excellent results working with both male and female clients who have been trying for a minimum of 2 years and come for treatment after failed IUI and/or failed IVF. I have had the privilege of supporting mum’s through labour all of whom have claimed that they found reflexology to be a comfort at this most special time.
£80 for 45 minute treatment.
fertility reflexology
Facial Reflexology
I have completed facial reflexology, advanced facial reflexology and Facial Zone Therapy with Ziggie Bergman in order to add to my skill set. Opportunities have arisen to allow me to work with a variety of clients where i continue to achieve positive results.
£80 for 45 minute treatment.
facial reflexology
Aromatherapy Massage
It's thought that essential oils activate nerve cells in the nose, which send impulses to the limbic system of the brain - the part that deals with emotions and memory.
Aromatherapy can be used emotionally to invigorate, calm, relieve stress and physically to help relieve certain conditions by activating the immune system, increasing circulatory system and lymphatic system, decreasing heart rate and calming the nervous system.
£120 for 60 minute treatment.
aromotherapy massage
Body Massage
I originally trained in Body Massage in the 1990s and since then have attended a number of massage training courses and a variety of dynamic Jing CPD training courses. The therapeutic effects of massage are well documented from relaxation and release of muscle tension, as well as improved sleep and strengthening the immune system naturally.
£120 for 60 minute treatment.
body massage
Neuroskeletal Re-alignment
I was fortunate to have trained with Carole Preen, the practitioner who brought the therapy to the UK. NSRT treats a wide range of acute and chronic conditions, with the client laying fully clothed the practitioner applies a light pressure touch to certain parts of the body in order to bring about realignment and balance, this treatment removes stress from ligaments, tendons and cartilage reducing tension and pain and as a natural result there will be an improvement in body posture.
£80 for 45 minute treatment.
neuroskeletal re-alignment
Working with Children
I have 8 years experience of working in primary schools; this work centered around reflexology but also included massage, peer massage, aromatherapy and mindfulness techniques. Some of the children that benefited from this support were on the autistic spectrum; it was also helpful for children suffering from depression as well as those who were experiencing difficult situations at home; incidents of bereavement; family breakup or any other difficult life circumstance by giving strategies to cope, successfully raising self-esteem and allowing children to better focus in a classroom setting.
Variable pricing for 20-40 minute treatment, from £40.
working with children