I have met some wonderful people through my years of treatment and teaching. Here are some lovely comments that I have received in return.
… loved all the lessons and sharing of your experiences – it definitely spiced up the day!
Melanie, Crystal Palace
Julie has the knack of immediately securing the trust of any young people she works with, as well as their families. She gives children space and time to open up to her, without being judgemental.
Ann Peters, Purley Oaks Primary School
You have made this year so enjoyable. You have brought joy and kindness everywhere you go.
Rachel. Brixton
This has been one year of joy and happiness, first to have met you as my tutor who understood and supported me during some low times, thank you for that.
Nell, Wimbledon
person at sunset
Thank you, thank you, thank you. This has been one incredible journey that I have thoroughly enjoyed. Your knowledge and enthusiasm has inspired me and I am very excited to start this new journey of growth and healing. I feel blessed to have had such an amazing teacher.
Tracy, London SE17
happy lady
Here's some lovely words specifically relating to fertility reflexology -
"Julie is just magic! I was fairly cynical when I first booked in to see her but so keen we were to have a baby I thought it would be worth a try, anything to help things along. The treatments are nothing short of amazing, Julie is so kind she puts you at ease instantly. The treatment itself is very hard to explain with all kinds of sensations and connections taking place purely through the touch of your feet, it didn’t take long to fall pregnant with her magic in tow. Safe to say both me and my husband (back problems) have had many many appointments since, and she even came to treat me during labour. So now Julie feels like a part of the family and both me and my husband relish our time with her. Thank you for all your support Julie x."
Rachel - Bermondsey

"Julie you were absolutely right! The baby's position is head right down behind the pubic bone with is why they couldn't feel it. It took one GP, midwife, one consultant and a scan to confirm what you were able to tell me from one look at my foot! Look forward to seeing you at my next appointment."
Alex - Bromley
"Julie worked with me a few sessions before we began our IVF treatment and I continued to see Julie through this process. I am sure this had an impact on the positive outcome that we have now being 37 weeks pregnant!! Prior to meeting Julie we had one failed IVF attempt on top of years of different fertility treatments (medical and alternative) and no pregnancies. The reflexology treatment with Julie helped on many levels in preparing my body and mind for our second round of IVF, and being overall a very relaxing and nourishing treatment. I would highly recommend Julie if you are searching for a gentle approach and someone who is very easy to be with and understanding of your needs. I now have Julie lined up to help encourage baby out as we reach our due date to avoid being medically induced."
Claire- South Norwood
Claire in yoga pose