Foot Reading
Let the feet speak. During a reflexology consultation and treatment we find out so much information about our clients, but what about the secrets they don’t tell us?
This fun one day workshop, although not very scientific, will give you a deeper insight into your client. From discovering what different colouration on the foot might mean to pin pointing character traits from foot fall, shape and texture.
After a short lecture the rest of the day will be made up of class mates bearing their soles (souls) and making sense of what we are seeing.

Additional Information
Equipment and oils necessary for practical work will be provided, so please ensure you wear suitable clothing to both give and receive treatments.
The course will start at 10.00am and finish at 5.00pm. You will receive an email with joining instructions one week before the course date. Please bring along a notebook and pen.
You will receive a printed CPD certificate for the day worth 6 points. This is also available upon request as an electronic PDF to store on your CPD pages online.
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